Vellore Fort City Club

Vellore Fort City Club’s 9th Installation Function

Vellore Fort City Club:

Vellore Fort City Club’s 9th Installation Function took place on July 12, 2018.

Chief Guests who presided the function were:

PMJF.Lion.Saji David, Past Multiple Council Chairman 324

MJF.Sayar.Lion.Aravind Kumar, Past District Governor

MJF.Lion.Udhaya Sankar, Immediate Past Multiple Council Treasurer 324

MJF.Lion.Er.Haridass, Past District Governor

New Office Bearers

Lion.M.Venkatesan – President

Lion.Er.S.Mani Bharathi – Secretary

Lion.E.Kesavan – Treasurer

Minutes of the Function:

  1. PMJF.Lion.Saji David gave a speech about Lionism and how lions are changing the world with their services and the permanent projects. He also inducted new office bearers to the club along with the new members to the club.
  2. MJF.Lion.Haridass released the annual planner for the year 2018-19 and PMJF.Lion.Saji David received it.
  3. MJF.Sayar.Lion.Aravind Kumar started the medical assistance service activity.
  4. MJF.Lion.Udaya Sankar started the general service activities of the club.
  5. Entire District and also International dues for the club handed over to district via Region Chairperson PMJF.Lion.C.Bhuvaneswari during the function. Noteworthy, for the 9th consecutive time since the charter of the club, District and International dues were given during the club installation function.
  6. Also a website for the club was developed by Lion.Er.S.Mani Bharathi, Secretary. PMJF.Lion.Saji David launched the website. Also the website would post all service activities done by the club to a wide range of audience and create awareness about Lions club to the common people. Also common people will be notified about upcoming club events or service activities through this platform. This website also provides access to all the club members to view and post the content. So with all these services covered, it will be the first unified website in Lions District 324-A4.
  7. A total of 400+ people gathered for the event out of which Lion members from 29 Lions club had participated in the function.

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